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What is 8DATA?

8DATA is an online tool for analysing and consulting on the holistic performance of your enterprise.

1. Advertising
Online and offline
2. Data Sources
Where do you get data from?
3. Measurement Model
What do you need to measure?
4. Overview
How succesful is your campaign?
5. Improvements
How can you improve your campaign?
Why use 8DATA?

We can turn complex data analytics into simple answers!

With 8DATA you can set up your measurement plan based on your key business goals and monitor performance of all types of campaigns. More importantly, 8DATA also gives you instant feedback for improvements.

Importing more than just basic online sources
Tools collects data from different sources (Google, Facebook, YouTube, BI data, enviromental factors, industry indices ...)
Convert your business goals into KPIs
8DATA for hotels gives you full control – you define your business goals and 8DATA sets up metrics for reliable, prosperous and easy-to-understand marketing performance report.
Business data
Ideas for improvement
Based on the index, the system will offer the list of improvements. 8DATA will therefore take the next step and take analytical tools to the next level by also adding consulting automation to the table. Machine learning will ensure more accurate suggestion and more ideas for improvements.
Solution for hotels

At the moment 8DATA is in the stage of developing. At this phase we offer solution for hotels that need holistic overview of their performance.

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Other tools will be added shortly. In case you want to set up a customized all-in-one solution contact us at

Who recommends 8DATA?

"At Harvey Norman, we support the development and implementation of a tool that delivers results from existing and past online campaigns across a variety of advertising platforms. This will give us a clearer insight and allow us to optimize our online campaigns faster and better."

Žiga Obolnar
Digital Marketing Manager, Harvey Norman

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