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Agency April 8 is not only a team but a family. That’s how we act too – working with passion and arguing with passion. Why? Because we know each other for a looong time.

Most of us are co-workers for more than 15 years. We were working together before, but in April 2018 Urša and Jošt decided that they will go on their own path – they created digital agency April 8 and invited their beloved team to join them.

Because at heart they are fans of natural science, they are, well, pretty good with numbers, to say the least. And if we’re honest it’s just a little bit weird that they all these years work in marketing – a niche that by its nature requires creativity, not only love for numbers, percents, and statistics.

So not long ago they combined both – experience in marketing and love for numbers. All with one goal – to enable people, who don’t share that love with them, to measure, analyze and improve their marketing campaigns the easiest possible way.

P. S. Agency April 8 is called also A8. See the connection? ;)

Our Mission
To test the effectiveness of your marketing - with a single look of the eye.

Awesome team

Urša Mivšek Sitar
Ni Hao! I'm Ursa – the CEO of the company, responsible also for client, bills, people, presentations, creative campaigns and two daughters (one of them is named Strawberry)
Jošt Košak
Hey folks, I'm Jost and I'm the CDO. I'm also the chief salesman and sometimes even the janitor. In my spare time I'm a member of an airsoft team and a Netflix fan.
Tomo Turk
Senior Developer
Hi there, I'm Tomo, Senior Developer. I'm busy raising two teenagers (feel free to give me an advice!) and in my free time I love to draw comic book characters, enjoy in a glass of good wine and discover Greek islands.
Zoran Rudič
Hi. I'm Zoran – front-end Developer, back-end Developer, all-kind-of-stuff Developer and the grumpy one in the team. My favourite fruit is meat – anytime and in every meal.
Valerija Đido
UX specialist
Hello, I'm Valerija but my colleagues call me Valery. My profession is UX Specialist, my hoby daily driving to work and my recognizable mark – black outfit. I love the Mediterranean vibe that's why I moved to the authentic village of Slovenian Istria.
Žanin Tamše
UI designer
Hi! I am Zanin and UI Designer. I'm not really good with words but I see the world in colours! The favourite of them all is orange because it's full of warmth and happiness. And besides – I love oranges! 🍊
Darja Štukelj
Hello dear! I'm Darja, the Copywriter. My job is to compose letters into words, words into sentences and sentences into feelings. I am nuts for pizza and gin tonic and I believe in the power of red lipstick.
Klemen Čadež
Hey, Klemen waving! I am a Designer and a proud father of two girls. In my spare time I love discovering the world of crafted beers. My favourite sport is rock climbing – whenever and wherever.
Eva Bizjan
Hi guys! I'm Eva and I work as a copywriter. Besides words I also master coffee making and I am the main initiator for April 8's social media life.
Marko Prelec
Front-end developer
Hi, I’m Marko, the developer. I’m developing very important digital things and a great sense of humour. I’m also developing immunity on strange smells since I just became a fresh father.
Tjaša Tolj
Project manager
Hello! I’m Tjaša, the project manager. I do selling, managing the team, creating, wrapping it up and charging. I do sweets. Anytime, anywhere.
Matej Krmelj
Data scientist
Hey, the name is Matej and I’m a data scientist. Wanted to be a rocket scientist when I was little, but close enough! My favourite outfit accessory is: headphones 😊