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Enterprise plan
90 €
per report
  • Industry: ALL
  • homeINDEX: YES
  • Basic Data Sources; Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, Instagram, Classic Ads Channels
  • Basic metrics available through data sources' APIs
  • Multiple users
  • Monthly/ Weekly reporting
  • Company branding
  • Support: 24/7
  • Free trial: 30 days
Custom plan
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per user / month
  • Custom plans available
  • Industry: ALL
  • homeINDEX: YES
  • Recommendations: YES
  • More data sources
  • Push data via API
  • Multiple users
  • Custom report time interval
  • Custom export
  • Custom INDEX
  • Custom services available
  • Custom integrations
  • Custom metrics
  • Company branding
  • Dedicated data scientist

We are responding to your requests and will launch Starter and Extended plan soon.

How do you know if your campaign was successful, or not?
8DATA measures the success of your marketing campaign and gives you a simple answer in the form of index.
Not a specialized analyst, but still want a credible and useful analysis?
8DATA turns complex data analytics into simple answers to help you grow.
Don't know how to get the campaign data or what to do with it?
8DATA collects all your data from PPC, SEO, social, analytics and other marketing platforms in one place so you can monitor your campaign performance.
Do you understand ROI of your campaign?
8DATA is an on-line automated process for simplifying the definition of a measurement plan through the wizard and through the online library of KPIs.
Not an experienced digital marketing expert, but still want to be successful online?
8DATA is a tool that analyses data from different sources and based on the result, I gives you feedback for improvement.
Would you like to share your data and analysis with colleagues or clients in a way they can understand?
8DATA makes data visualization easy to interpret - even people who are not tech savvy will understand what's going on.
Facing a non-transperent agency work and adjusting performance criteria?
8DATA also enables automatic integration of data from various advertising media.