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YouTube BETA

At the moment solution for measuring the effectiveness of your YouTube channel is ready to use. Just fill out a simple campaign wizard and start improving your YouTube communication. Shortly other tools will be added.

Why measure the success
of your YouTube channel?

The YouTube channel serves as an extention of your brand. Measure it. Improve it. Grow.

Your YouTube channel should not be treated as a content repository. It is the second largest search engine and the third most visited website worldwide, next to Google and Facebook. With your own YouTube content, you can instantly reach a very wide online audience.

People and businesses are making residual income from their YouTube channels. For businesses, video content can significantly drive traffic and increase sales. Customers who access your website through YouTube spend more time on your website than an average visitor per visit.

So why is it important to measure your You Tube channel?

Because it needs to be as optimized and adjusted to your target audience as possible.

Why include YouTube
in your marketing campaign?
  • YouTube reaches more 18—49-year-olds than any broadcast or network TV station. Are you noticing a trend here? If you are trying to reach that critical 18—49-year-old demographic, YouTube is their go-to place.

  • YouTube is navigable in 76 different languages in 88 countries across the globe, covering 95% of the Internet population.

  • YouTube will reach its peak in 2022 when most of the people will prefer YouTube over television. The sooner you start, the better brand awareness you'll have compared to your competitors.