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Why your marketing campaign didn't deliver the expected results?

In the flood of all kinds of data from different sources it is hard to choose which data to analyse and how to analyse it. To make the most of your data and to use it for improving your business you should be asking yourself these 3 questions:

How to
goals to KPIs?
How to get
How to do
decisions to
Do more with your data!

8DATA gives you an overall review of your marketing performances and turns complex data analytics into simple answers.

1. Import your marketing Data into one place
from different data sources and we will add specific factors affecting tourism (weather, competition, global security, number of overnight stays on destination ...).
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2. Evaluate your marketing performance
in the form of objective and simple (red, yellow, green) homeINDEX (holistic overview of marketing effectiveness), based on smart alghorithm that takes into consideration your data and other factors.
3. Build a data-driven marketing strategy
by defining your most important business goals that 8DATA will match with appropriate KPIs. We have developed an objective model of customer journey that focuses on your business goals.
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4. Reach your business goals
8DATA solution for hotels gives you trustful insights and relevant recommendations to optimize your marketing performance and reach your business goals.
Montlhy licence

8DATA for hotels is available upon a monthly licence for:
interactive report
appealing dashboard
recommendations for improvement

Hotel Plan
  • Industry: tourism (hotels)
  • homeINDEX: YES
  • Recommendations: YES
  • Data sources: 10
  • No installation required
  • Support: 24/7
  • Free trial: 30 days
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